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My family has been creating custom furniture pieces for over five generations using a variety of reclaimed and local woods. It is my honor to bring this unique style of craftsmanship to Portland, Oregon.

True to my family’s traditions, no two pieces of Summit Wood Creations furniture are alike. We retain the integrity, transitions and character of the wood, shaping an heirloom piece that will enhance your family’s home and living spaces for generations to come.

Custom furniture invokes many feelings and responses:

  • appreciation of the beauty in art;
  • the individuality and uniqueness that makes each piece special;
  • memories of what each piece symbolizes.

There is no greater gift than creating memories for my clients. I fondly recall a beautiful rustic dining room table around which my family would gather to eat our evening meal and revel in the beautiful power and simplicity of togetherness. I can still remember how the house smelled, the warmth and comfort it brought me, the rich, savory taste of the food.

When you come to Summit Wood Creations, you can expect your furniture to tell a story.

My process is simple:

  • I listen to your needs. It is important to enjoy the total sensory experience of purchasing handcrafted heirloom furniture. I invite you to sit at the table in my studio, feel the wood beneath your hands and determine which look and aesthetic fits your living space.
  • I craft in many different styles, from rustic furniture to shabby chic. I always show clients examples of each type to give the most authentic representation.
  • Each client intake meeting will involve my interior design partner, who will help incorporate your custom wood furniture into your current furnished home.
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Custom furniture takes time to create. Expect your project to be finished within six to eight weeks, on average.
  • Home delivery is available.

I am lucky to work with celebrated interior designers who assists me on a variety of projects.

Hiring Summit for your custom furniture project automatically gives you access to this additional, valuable resource. To gain insight into the aesthetics of your home, we will schedule a conveniently timed visit to tour your home as a team and make suggestions for the size, integration and personality of your wood pieces. From rustic to shabby chic to sleek and modern, I can tailor my talents to fit your style. I am here to build your dreams, whatever they may look like.

I invite you to create a memory for your own family. There is real, tangible value in something built to house the cherished events that will bring you together. The bookcase from which a grandchild will pluck his or her first book. The table around which your family will gather to celebrate life and togetherness. The armoire from which you will pull an outfit for your dream job interview. All these things tell a unique story, form the majestic nature of our humanity.

I look forward to sharing my insights, advice, stories and industry tips with you. Your first consultation with me is always complimentary. I invite you to call or stop by the studio to schedule.

CONTACT US: (503) 230-7018

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