Innovative Use of Wood in Oregon State’s New Peavy Hall

Wood has been used in interior design for centuries, but Oregon State’s Peavy Hall is making headlines with their innovative use of wood in their new Peavy Hall. Michael Green, a local Portland architect designed the 80,000 sqft. space that will house classrooms, faculty offices and research labs. The building is three-stories of cross-laminated timber, or CLT, sourced locally in Oregon’s forests. The building itself will be home to forestry research not only in Oregon but globally.

CLT has gained in popularity and use in commercial buildings across the world since the first CLT building was built in London in 2009. Wood in commercial buildings has many financial, sustainability and safety benefits. Compared to steel or concrete, CLT is cheaper, easier to assemble and more sustainable. For example, a nine-story building made of steel generates an average of 137 tons of carbon dioxide. On the contrary, a building of the same size of wood can save a net of 323 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

OSU’s forestry department holds strong values in maintaining, preserving and using forests responsibly. Michael Green embodies these values in his design of Peavy Hall with the use of wood and environmentally responsible materials throughout the building. We share this story with you because these values of environmental responsibility, structural integrity and love for all things wood are values that we strive to embody everyday here at Summit Wood Creations
Oregon State’s Peavy Hall is scheduled to open in Spring of 2019. In the meantime, check out the website to learn more and follow the project through live webcams of the construction site at the link below.

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