How to Incorporate Rustic Furniture Into Your Current Home

Think of the last time you purchased something truly beautiful: a magnificent piece of art, room accents, an elaborate lamp or other light fixture, a piece of custom furniture. It’s exhilarating to change up your living space. It can also be entertaining, albeit frustrating, to determine the best way to incorporate your new acquisition.

I’m sure these questions have run through your mind when considering the perfect location for your new furniture or accents:

  • Is there enough space?
  • Does it “go” with the theme and style of my home?
  • Will wood look clunky among my delicate, contemporary items?
  • Do I have to re-decorate to accommodate the new purchase?
  • Is it time for a yard sale?

The simple answer is – something completely different can make a striking, bold statement; it can also soften a room and bring casual-chic charm to an otherwise sterile, sparse or neutral environment.

Custom rustic-style furniture brings the rugged, bucolic beauty of nature to your cosmopolitan lifestyle. It blends with many contemporary styles to create a striking statement – modern minimalist pieces mixed with the graceful age, patina, texture and live edges of wood furniture.

Let’s examine a few expertly paired matchups (sourced from using rustic furniture and custom wood furniture:

  • Black & White House, Wood Accenting: black wood floors, brilliant white cabinets, ornate black chandeliers and clear, lightweight chairs (think lucite or acrylic) set the clean, modern stage for wood furniture integration. The intricate wrought-iron light fixture will be an exquisite complement to a rustic wood dining table: think evenings at a hacienda in the desert, the sun setting, the table set with a hearty meal.
  • Creating a room that is entirely comprised of rustic furniture? Wainscotting is the perfect juxtaposition. Black wood floors would also be lovely in this room.
  • Rustic patio furniture is a beautiful alternative to the mass-produced conglomerate.
  • Adirondack chairs look sophisticated with accent throw pillows and refined lighting (and accompanied by a tall glass of sweet tea).

  • A little goes a long way. Incorporate smaller rustic pieces into a current home decor aesthetic. Rustic wood mirrors, centerpieces, clock faces and small side tables contribute old-world charm to classic, clean lines and open, airy rooms with vaulted ceilings and plentiful windows.
  • Rustic furniture matches seamlessly with other “natural” mediums, such as stone and wicker.

Want more inspiration? Summit Wood Creations offers local resources, in-home consultations and a vetted team of interior designers to help make your dream of custom furniture ownership a reality in your current living space.

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