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Furnish your space with lasting memories that grow with generations to come!

Thank you for discovering Summit Wood Creations, a rustic furniture store. As a craftsman and artist, we are crazy about architecture, building structure and elements of interior design. Inspiration is drawn from the inherent, natural beauty and rough, untamed texture of raw materials used to fashion our rustic wood furniture.

The art of crafting furniture is so rewarding: Clients get to take home a memory builder such as a beautiful table around which families will gather at the holidays, or a dresser where a young girl will learn to apply her makeup and style her hair. As a business owner, my core purpose is driven by the fond memories.

Furniture has a special place in my heart. When I was a little girl, my grandmother bestowed upon me a handmade dresser with a mirror which belonged to her mother. It was a piece of furniture that had been with my family for four generations. It was a priceless gift and I loved it. Each morning before school, I would climb up onto the seat and prepare for each day, my mother sitting by my side. In front of that mirror, sitting at that dresser, I became a young woman.

I build my custom furniture because of my experiences seated at that dresser. If I can provide the vessels through which my clients’ own special memories might be made, I have truly discovered my purpose. We have enjoyed solid growth over the last thirteen years and now proudly offer a full range of custom furniture options, from kitchen cabinets and dining room tables to bedroom and office furnishings. Every project begins, unfolds and ends with the client at the helm. Your custom memory is unique, and we listen carefully and deliberately to ensure high quality execution and delivery.

No matter how far we grow, our process remains steeped in time honored tradition which was passed down over four generations in my family. We will always source our wood locally. We employ sustainable and environmentally-friendly production practices. We will never use copper or other fillers in our furniture.

I invite you to visit us at our showroom located at 1431 SE Tacoma Street in Sellwood, or to give me a call at 503-230-7018.

Because of you, our business continues to move forward confidently.


Reyna Badillo

Owner, Summit Wood Creations, a Rustic Furniture Store

CONTACT US: (503) 230-7018

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