A local furniture showroom has hand-crafted a whole new designer brand.

Maldonado’s Furniture Company, a Sellwood-based company known for its unique craftsman wood furniture pieces, is proudly launching its new and refreshed brand, Summit Wood Creations.

Owned and operated by Reyna Badillo, Summit Wood Creations will feature the finest in trendy designer wood furniture. The brand shift from Maldonado’s Furniture to Summit positions the small business for expansion and reach within a relatively untapped niche market.

“The name ‘Summit’ emphasizes the pinnacle – the summit – of quality craftsmanship,” explains Badillo of the new company identity. “The logo denotes that same quality legacy. I want my clients to be confident they are choosing a product that exemplifies timelessness. I am giving them a custom creation that will span generations of their family for years to come.”

Summit Wood Creations sources its woods from local forests using sustainable harvesting practices. Badillo herself creates each piece from scratch, paying homage to traditional craftsmanship handed down over generations through her family in Mexico.

Badillo’s furniture, which is built to each client’s custom order and expectations, runs the gamut from shabby chic to rustic heirloom; grainy and textured to smooth and finished. Customers can expect a finished product that exudes luxury while adding character and stylish definition to their home or office.

“My furniture is built to last, and my clients pay for that high level of quality and craftsmanship,” says Badillo of her work. “When I sell a piece, I sell something that will transcend the normal lifetime of a basic department store . My furniture will stand the test of time and last for generations to enjoy.”

Summit Wood Creations is located at 1431 Se Tacoma St. Portland, OR 97202








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